Meet The Team

Nuala Maracas – Captain ` I am thrilled to be back as Captain of the Relay Rockers after a few years absence while I was Relay Chair, Co-Chair and Activity Lead (2014 -2018). We have great plans this year as a team and fantastic team members to help us carry out our events. Everyone has a part to play from running events to hosting to graphics to campsite designing. We are all in this together. Our team is made up of a variety of people with varying lifestyles from all over Second Life. We have been together for a long time and know each the strength of one will help carry another when needed. We can go months with nothing more than a casual “hello”. But when Relay Season starts, our Rockers family comes together as one. Survivors, Caregivers, Friends. We are all here for the same reason. To save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer. Our team goal has always been to raise L$1 Million and finish in last place. We do our part and I challenge your team to do yours and help the Relay Rockers finish in last place!

Hi.. I’m Arizona, the co-captain of the Relay Rockers.
I have lots of reason to relay – Trader, my family, my friends, you, me.
I love The Walking Dead, Grace & Frankie, and schlock novels.
On the team I organize RelayStock and help oversee the campsite build.
The Rockers team members are encouraged to organize and run their own team fundraising events with their family / friends. What great way to reach new donors and raise awareness.

Trader Whiplash

Trader Whiplash ~ Leukemia Survivor ~ Co-Founder Relay Rockers ‘Walking Strong Since 2005′ ~ 2009 Spirit of Relay Winner ~ 2014 Relay For Life of SL Hall of Fame Inductee ~ 2016 AviChoice Favorite Radio DJ ~ Broadcasting in Second Life since 2005 ~ On Air Host of T1Radio’s Time Machine (Sundays) & Rockin’ Happy Hour (Wed)  I Relay for you and for me.  I Relay for my 3 awesome kids, and 4 grand-kids. I Relay for my caregivers Arizona & Nuala I Relay for all those who have heard the words You Have Cancer, and for all who have been touched by these diseases. I Relay to thank past donors for helping me beat my cancer and to assure that in the future others will have the same and better medicine to support them.  The American Cancer Society is the world’s best hope to contain, control and cure cancer, but they can not do it without our help.  Please join the Rockers and me and lets make a difference!

Hi, I’m Xyza Armistice ….. as Arizona said one of the back bones of our team! I Relay for my past family and friends in SL and in real, I Relay for you and for me. I joined the Rockers in 2006, and work at T1Radio as a Host and Host Manager My Favorite books, Robert Jordan The Wheel of Time ( 14 books in total ) My Favorite movie Ghost and Dirty Dancing, and I love watching Asian Wuxia and Historical series I am also carer for my 92 year old mum who lives with me full time

Renee Riva
3 Time cancer survivor and our reason to Relay.
Renee has been a Rocker since the start and a fighter like no other. Renee is proud club owner of Greased Lightning with her partner Ripster.

Madelyn Majestic – I’ve been part of the Relay Rockers team since 2006. I started relaying because a distant family member passed away from breast cancer, but I really didn’t experience what she had gone through. It became more personal the year that Trader had to undergo treatment, and I saw what he went through first hand. It was tough, and I was relieved when I found out he was going to be ok. During the survivor’s lap at relay that year, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when Trader approached the Rockers’ team site because it had been an emotional year, so I did both and also rode a dancing cow (for reasons). Since then, I’ve had many more Second Life and Relay friends face the fight against cancer and some very dear to me have been lost. Until there is a cure, I’ll be relaying for every person who has heard the words “You have cancer.”

Mrs. Spooky – A caregiver to her mother who passed from cancer, Spooky can be found at many Relay events spinning the tunes

Geddy Overdrive.
A long time Relay Rocker with a heart of gold.
More info coming soon.


Tazzie Tuque (aka TAZZ). I have been in SL for almost 14 years now, been DJing and making clothing for all that time, I find both to be a wonderful creative outlet for me to do something useful and enjoyable. I have been involved in RFL in SL for all that time as well, have been on many different teams, and have worked to help out independent of a team when not on a team. I relay because I want to do what I can where ever I can to help raise funds to eventually, hopefully, stop this horrid disease of cancer once and for all. As a retired RN I have cared for and seen first hand how devastating this disease is for both the victims and their families. If ever there was a “heart breaker” Cancer is it! And it has to be stopped. I also lost my Father to cancer 6 years ago and I helped with his care and watched him decline from a strong healthy man, to a bed ridden invalid in a matter of months.. I just want to do what i can, and I believe in RFL and am so glad I can do some small part through SL.

Hey there. I am Midnight Cowboy, aka DJ Freaky Zepp.
I am a DJ and Club Manager.
I do a lot of Drag Racing I’m a very friendly and out going person.
I full heartily support Relay For Life RL and SL the reason why is Both my Parents and Grandmother Passed away from Cancer in 2005.

Cerealistic Noland.
Cancer survivor and organizer of the HardCore For A Cure events.

Annika Braveheart.
Hi, my name is Annika. This is my 5th year in SL. I can be found DJing, shopping, hanging with my MC as well as spending time with my family and friends. Relay for Life in Second Life is a cause near and dear to my heart. I have family and friends battling cancer and I have angels whose fights have ended. I want to do my part to help bring us to the day when no one hears the words “You have cancer”. I invite you to get involved in the events, join or start a team, take part in the Relay weekend. It is an experience that will forever change you….for the better. GO RELAY!

Polaris & Yasamine Grayson.
United as one. More info coming soon.


























Hello, I am Journey Texan. As a resident of Second Life since 2009, I have been aware of and attended some of the many themed fairs and events that Relay For Life sponsors or participates in annually. It wasn’t until 2018, however, when my partner, Ertina Loopen, introduced me to the Bid-Me-Bald and the Relay Walk events. These were the very first Relay For Life events I participated in that made me feel I could contribute in a meaningful way—other than donating money—and fit well within my personal priorities and schedule. Of course, walking behind Ertina at Relay Walk was incentive enough to keep me moving forward for days around a massive, multi-sim circuit that supported a very important cause. All the messages I read and heard along the way during Relay Walk helped me to better understand and appreciate the purpose and significant impact that Relay For Life has in the lives of people both in and outside of the Second Life platform. In 2019 I joined Relay Rockers as a team member and am proud to work alongside a group of talented and selfless volunteers who enable Relay For Life to raise awareness about cancer research, treatment services and prevention.