Meet The Team – Journey Texan

Journey Texan

Hello, I am Journey Texan. As a resident of Second Life since 2009, I have been aware of and attended some of the many themed fairs and events that Relay For Life sponsors or participates in annually. It wasn’t until 2018, however, when my partner, Ertina Loopen, introduced me to the Bid-Me-Bald and the Relay Walk events. These were the very first Relay For Life events I participated in that made me feel I could contribute in a meaningful way—other than donating money—and fit well within my personal priorities and schedule. Of course, walking behind Ertina at Relay Walk was incentive enough to keep me moving forward for days around a massive, multi-sim circuit that supported a very important cause. All the messages I read and heard along the way during Relay Walk helped me to better understand and appreciate the purpose and significant impact that Relay For Life has in the lives of people both in and outside of the Second Life platform. In 2019 I joined Relay Rockers as a team member and am proud to work alongside a group of talented and selfless volunteers who enable Relay For Life to raise awareness about cancer research, treatment services and prevention.

Meet The Team – Arizona Ballinger

Arizona Ballinger

Hi.. I’m Arizona, one of the co-captain of the Relay Rockers.
I have lots of reason to relay – Trader, my family, my friends, you, me.
I love The Walking Dead, Grace & Frankie, and slock novels.
On the team I also organize RelayStock and help oversee the campsite build.
The Rockers team members are encouraged to organize and run their own team fundraising events with their family / friends. What great way to reach new donors and raise awareness.
The Rockers team motto has always been “Raise $1 Million Lindens and come in last!” We raise the L$1 million….. the rest is up to YOU and your team!!

Meet The Team – Ertina Loopin

Ertina has been a long time Relay Rocker. She first joined us while participating in our signature fundraiser Bid Me Bald and had her hair cut many times over the years.
In 2019 she is helping to organize the CRFB Top DJ Competition and is a host at several of the events.
You can always find Ertina bouncing around other Relay teams events!

Meet Our Team Member – Rox Arten

Hi, I’m Rox Arten
I am a 43 year old cancer survivor and I first joined the Relay Rockers in 2016. I came to Secondlife in 2006 and have regularly taken part in RFL in one way or another here since 2009.
I own Secrets of Gaia and am the organizer for the Twisted Hunts & Events.
I relay because I hope that a cure can be found so that no one else has to suffer or die from the horrible disease cancer, with the hope that one day we may be able to prevent it completely and end the suffering that it causes to those who are are directly effected by it be that as a patient, a caregiver, or a friend of someone who has it!

Bid The Lindens Bald Returns

The Relay Rockers are pleased to announce that Bid The Lindens Bald will make its triumphant return to the Relay For Life of Second Life April 30th thru May 9th! Bid Me Bald is an event, created by the Relay Rockers in 2007 to honor those who lose their hair to cancer treatments. Participants agree to go bald 1 day for each L$5000 raised.

Kiosks Located in World   RelayStock 2018 & Bid The Lindens Bald

In 2017 3 Teams of Lindens competed in a Bid Me Bald Challenge and raised L$1,478,599 ($5686 USD) and the Concierge Team went bald for a total of 297 days.

This year’s teams are from Product Operations, Support Leaders and Support Agents

The event is a challenge and the team which raises the least will once again go bald for the amount of days equal to the total of the 1st Place team. The days will be shared among the team members.

New this year, Bid The Lindens Bald will be held in conjunction with the Rocker’s signature multiteam event RelayStock. RelayStock runs Friday May 4th, through Sunday May 6th and will feature entertainment provided by individual Relay For Life teams and featuring live performances by Nina Bing, Dimi von Ludwig, Keeba Tammas & the Tiny Maniacs and Maximillion Kleene. The event will be held on is own region ‘RelayStock’ and is open to the entire Second Life community.

The teams of Lindens are comprised as follows:

Product Ops:
Alexa Linden
Ekim Linden
Grumpity Linden
Oz Linden
Patch Linden

Support Leaders:
Ami Linden
Garry Linden
Keira Linden
Tommy Linden

Support Agents:
Corky Linden
Evie Linden
Ginger Linden
izzy Linden
Kristin Linden
Madori Linden
Sparky Linden
TJ Linden
Vix Linden
Vanessa Linden