Once again Linden Lab is teaming up with the Relay Rockers to support the Relay For Life of Second Life and ‘putting their hair on the line’ to help the American Cancer Society Save Lives, Celebrate Lives, and Lead The Fight For a World Without Cancer.

The Linden team that raises the most gets the scissors. The lowest Linden team gets the haircuts on Wed, May 20 @ 3pm slt.

Voting is now open and  is by donation to the Relay For Life of Second Life Kiosk LOCATED HERE

Bid Me Bald Multi Team Challenge Starts Today

From April 8 through April 19th the Relay Rockers will place Kiosks on the Boardwalk in Arinultra Cay for each of the participating team. At the close of the ‘Bidding’ at 4pm April 19th the Kiosks will be totaled and the Challenge Winners will Shave the Heads of the team with the lowest total. The team that is Bid Bald will remain bald from 4pm slt April 19 until 10am slt June 6 (opening ceremonies of Relay Weekend).

Join them at 5pm slt today when the teams kick off their challenge. Bid Me Bald Team Barbershop


CELEBRATE LEAP DAY with the Relay Rockers
Buckle your Seat Belts and Prepare for the Leap To HyperSpace as we

LEAP INTO THE FUTURE (without cancer)

Leap Day  Feb 29, 2020
5 – 7pm slt

click here for more information


Bid Me Bald – Xyza Armistice March 20

As part of the 13th year of Bid Me Bald, I will be shedding my hair in solidarity with these heroes of the fight against cancer.

~~~~ Please Help Me Reach My Goal of L$50,000 and 10 Days Bald!~~~~

My Kiosk can be found at  Relay Rockers Barber Shop  from March 13th until the 20th. Please be generous!

And don’t forget to join me on March 20th at 6 pm for a Hair Cutting party at the Barbershop

For more information Visit our Bid Me Bald Page

Until There’s A Cure
Xyza Armistice

Bid Me Bald – Multi Team Challenge

ALL ABOARD CHALLENGE – From April 5 through April 14th the Relay Rockers will place Kiosks on the Boardwalk in Arinultra Cay for each participating team. At the close of the ‘Bidding’ at 3pm April 14th the Kiosks will be totaled and the Challenge Winner will Shave the Head of the lowest total team. The total raised in All Kiosks will determine how many days without hair the lowest challenger will receive at a rate of 1 Day Bald for each L$10,000 raised in total. ..more info or to sign up your team

Bid The Lindens Bald Returns

The Relay Rockers are pleased to announce that Bid The Lindens Bald will make its triumphant return to the Relay For Life of Second Life April 30th thru May 9th! Bid Me Bald is an event, created by the Relay Rockers in 2007 to honor those who lose their hair to cancer treatments. Participants agree to go bald 1 day for each L$5000 raised.

Kiosks Located in World   RelayStock 2018 & Bid The Lindens Bald

In 2017 3 Teams of Lindens competed in a Bid Me Bald Challenge and raised L$1,478,599 ($5686 USD) and the Concierge Team went bald for a total of 297 days.

This year’s teams are from Product Operations, Support Leaders and Support Agents

The event is a challenge and the team which raises the least will once again go bald for the amount of days equal to the total of the 1st Place team. The days will be shared among the team members.

New this year, Bid The Lindens Bald will be held in conjunction with the Rocker’s signature multiteam event RelayStock. RelayStock runs Friday May 4th, through Sunday May 6th and will feature entertainment provided by individual Relay For Life teams and featuring live performances by Nina Bing, Dimi von Ludwig, Keeba Tammas & the Tiny Maniacs and Maximillion Kleene. The event will be held on is own region ‘RelayStock’ and is open to the entire Second Life community.

The teams of Lindens are comprised as follows:

Product Ops:
Alexa Linden
Ekim Linden
Grumpity Linden
Oz Linden
Patch Linden

Support Leaders:
Ami Linden
Garry Linden
Keira Linden
Tommy Linden

Support Agents:
Corky Linden
Evie Linden
Ginger Linden
izzy Linden
Kristin Linden
Madori Linden
Sparky Linden
TJ Linden
Vix Linden
Vanessa Linden