Bid The Lindens Bald

Bid The Lindens Bald 2020
A Bid Me Bald Challenge –TBA

Once again Linden Lab is teaming up with the Relay Rockers to support the Relay For Life of Second Life and putting their hair on the line’ to help the American Cancer Society Save Lives, Celebrate Lives, and Lead The Fight For a World Without Cancer.

Five teams of Lindens have accepted the challenge to see who can raise the most donations and win the right to shave the heads of the members of the team with the lowest kiosk total.   The team that is ‘Bid Bald’ will be without hair for 30 days!

The participating Linden Teams are:






The five Linden teams will have kiosks placed on the RelayStock2020 region beginning TBA.  For the next week residents can vote to help their favorite Linden(s) KEEP THEIR HAIR while bidding the team with the LEAST in their Kiosk Bald for One Month! Don’t miss the party on TBA.

Linden Lab and the Rockers first joined forces in 2017 when the event raised over L$2.25 million in support of Relay For Life.  Since then Bid The Lindens Bald has raised more than L$4.5 million.

*Bid Me Bald recognizes, with honor and respect, those for whom the choice was made, not by themselves, but by Chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.  We have the choice and we choose to sacrifice our hair to honor these Survivors and to help the American Cancer Society Save Lives, Celebrate Lives and Lead The Fight for a World Without Cancer*


In 2017, the Relay Rockers did what they have always talked about doing, asked the Lindens to participate in a Bid Me Bald event.  Expecting only one or two Lindens to accept, the Rockers were blown away when over 28 Lindens jumped on board to be Bid Bald.

The Lindens organized themselves into 3 teams,Land Operations & Linden Dept of Public Works, Customer Accounts, and the Concierge Team and competed against each other raising an amazing L$2.5 million in less than 24 hours!

In 2018 we had the Product Operations, Support Leaders and Support Agents teams getting their haircuts on May 9, 2018 at the end of RelayStock. It was a fun filled day, with a great turn out!

2019 did not disappoint. There were 5 Linden Lab teams vying to keep their hair – CUSTOMER ACCOUNT OPERATIONS, CONCIERGE SUPPORT, LAND OPERATIONS, TIER 1 SUPPORT, and the SUPPORT MANAGEMENT team.