Update July 18

First off let me thank everyone for your enormous outpouring of support since I shared my news.  Your wishes and thoughts have made this a little easier to deal with.  I promise I won’t let you down.

I had my first consult yesterday and got the preliminary pathology report.  Its good and bad. Answered some questions and left more to be asked.

The tumor was malignant. “High Grade, non invasive tumor located at the entry of the left ureter.” The non-invasive is good, it means it was contained in my bladder. The high grade part worries me. According to cancer.org it means it is more likely to grow and spread and can be harder to treat.  More to come on that next week after my next appointment,

Early indications are that treatment will involve chemo and immunotherapies, and most likely will be on going for sometime. I am not going to make myself crazy by reading worst case scenarios and the like. Once I have more iinformation I will get those answers aas well.

So a week of waiting remains, recuperating from the stress of last week’s trauma and getting ready for the fight that appears to lie ahead.

I  promise to keep you all updated.

Thank you for all your support once again. I find it difficult to put into words just how much it means to me, knowing that an army of ACS volunteers not only have my back, but through your passionate fundraising have helped develop these therapies that I will now rely on.

Thank you All

This Is How We CURE CANCER – 1 Fight At A Time

Fifteen years ago, virtual world pioneers in Second Life were hearing about a fundraising effort to ‘Cure Cancer’ called Relay For Life.  We didn’t all ‘get it’ but hell we’d all been touched in some way by cancer so why not get on board.

We raised a little in 2005 and a whole lot more in 2006 and 2007, but we also learned so much more about ‘Curing Cancer” and what the Relay For Life means, does, how it supports the American Cancer Society and how the Society leads the fight for a world without cancer.

As our knowledge grew our fundraising impact grew. And as our fundraising impact grew so did our ability to save lives.  We touched lives in and out of Second Life. We provided support of those who are touched by cancer either by diagnosis or being enlisted into becoming a caregiver for a loved one who has been.

Relay For Life of Second Life has become the “Rock Stars” of fighting cancer.  We are the Megan Rapinoes, the Kevin Durants and Drew Brees of the world of cancer fundraising. Ask a relayer why we do it and  we tell them because we can and do cure cancer every day. Because we save lives. We can quote facts and figures, URLs and phone numbers and we can get someone help 24 / 7 / 365.

And yet sometimes we feel like we are missing something. Missing the personal connection. Missing the ability to turn our altruism into passion and our passion into success.

Now many of you out there know I have passion, in fact I have been accused of being a Zealot.  Guilty on all charges. I have guzzled the Purple KoolAid, I gorged myself on purple Jelly beans and built my wardrobe around RFL T Shirts!  But even I get surprised once in a while.

Last Sunday I didn’t feel so hot, but it was 90 degrees and I had just finished a round of golf.  I had hydrated to excess, and had to pee, but nothing came out. A few minutes later again no luck but this time it burned and, hmm was that blood? I waited a little longer and this time it was painful and there was a lot of blood. 

My son took me to the ER and within a short time I was admitted with a urinary blockage.  The pain and inability to go led to catheterization and despite the best efforts of any number of super nurses and urology specialists I was still in agony and passing copious amounts of blood and blood clots.  

Now I am not writing this to share my misery but to share what I learned from this.  

Finally, after 4 days of doing it by the book, the Urology team rushed me to the OR.  What should have been a 90 minute procedure took 6 hours. The clots were removed including a 30 guage hematoma that could not have ever fit in the 24 guage catheter. Additionally a large tumor was found and removed.

So now is when we do it by the book right?

Now is the time when we say the ‘OMGs’ and ‘OH I’m so sorrys’ and ‘Oh I will Pray for Yous’ right?


Now is when we as ACS Volunteers, who have grown from Cure Cancer Do Gooders of RFL 2005, turn into a vibrant and passionate Army who go forward armed with the tools and information that Saves Lives Celebrates Lives and Leads the Fight For a World Without Cancer. 

Now is the time when we say We’ve got you back! 

We’ve got a plan for this! 

We can Treat This!


And that is just what my oncologist said this afternoon.  The man who has treated my leukemia for 16 years looked at me and said “OK, so make an appointment for Friday and lets get the pathology and figure out how we are going to beat this!”

And you know what.. That is just what I am going to do, what he is going to do and what we as a community are going to do.  

And by God THAT is how We Cure Cancer!

Because you cared enough to make a difference in an indifferent world. Thank You ACS Volunteers of Second Life and All Over!

Gene McFadden
Jersey Shore
uly 12, 2019

End Of An Era? 2018 Grayson Challenge – Mesh or Bald?

Its the Bid Me Bald 2018 Grayson Challenge.. with a twist!

Each Year Yasmine and Polaris Grayson, compete to shave the other bald, This year gonna be its different!

After 14 years on the grid, Polaris is the Last Surviving 2004 Noobie System Avatar on The Grid! He has agreed change to a MESH Body and Hair versus the hair of Yasamine Grayson, the loveliest 14yr old in Second Life.

The Graysons came to Second Life together, from There, on May 24, 2004. Since that time Polaris has worn only system clothes and hair. Yasamine thinks its time for him to adapt to a more contemporary avatar and is willing to put her long blonde locks on the line against him.

Here is your chance to take part in history in the making! Beginning May 27th there will be 2 Relay For Life kiosks, one labeled MESH the other BALD, placed at the pier in Arinultra Cay. Click for The Pier Vote for your choice and on June 10th @ 530pm we will total the Kiosks to see if we Bid Polaris MESH or Yasamine BALD.

“Its about time,” Yasamine stated. “I do look good bald, but Polaris really needs an update!” Polaris replied, “What about historic preservation? How else can we measure progress if we don’t preserve our relics?”

The choice is yours, its up to YOU!

Bid Polaris Mesh or Bid Yasamine Bald!

The Original Bid Me Bald and the Grayson Challenge are held by the Relay Rockers in support of the American Cancer Society and the Relay For Life of Second Life. All proceeds support the Society’s mission to
Save Lives, Celebrate Lives and Lead the Fight for A World Without Cancer!

Relay Stock Opens

Join the Relay Rockers and more than 30 Relay For Life of Second Life teams for 3 Days of Peace Love Music & Hope!

The 5th Annual RelayStock opens at 2pm Friday May 4th and runs until pm Sunday May 6th.

Live Music, Shopping, Gotchas, DJs and fun!

Entertainment includes Nina Bing, Dimivan Ludwig, Keeba Tammas and the Tiny Maniacs and Maximillion Kleene.

And don’t Forget to BID THE LINDENS BALD, all in support of the American Cancer Society’s mission to Save Lives, Celebrate Lives and Lead The Fight for a World Without Cancer!

Join Us at Yasgur’s Farm in RelayStock2018 : Click to Teleport

Bid The Lindens Bald Returns

The Relay Rockers are pleased to announce that Bid The Lindens Bald will make its triumphant return to the Relay For Life of Second Life April 30th thru May 9th! Bid Me Bald is an event, created by the Relay Rockers in 2007 to honor those who lose their hair to cancer treatments. Participants agree to go bald 1 day for each L$5000 raised.

Kiosks Located in World   RelayStock 2018 & Bid The Lindens Bald

In 2017 3 Teams of Lindens competed in a Bid Me Bald Challenge and raised L$1,478,599 ($5686 USD) and the Concierge Team went bald for a total of 297 days.

This year’s teams are from Product Operations, Support Leaders and Support Agents

The event is a challenge and the team which raises the least will once again go bald for the amount of days equal to the total of the 1st Place team. The days will be shared among the team members.

New this year, Bid The Lindens Bald will be held in conjunction with the Rocker’s signature multiteam event RelayStock. RelayStock runs Friday May 4th, through Sunday May 6th and will feature entertainment provided by individual Relay For Life teams and featuring live performances by Nina Bing, Dimi von Ludwig, Keeba Tammas & the Tiny Maniacs and Maximillion Kleene. The event will be held on is own region ‘RelayStock’ and is open to the entire Second Life community.

The teams of Lindens are comprised as follows:

Product Ops:
Alexa Linden
Ekim Linden
Grumpity Linden
Oz Linden
Patch Linden

Support Leaders:
Ami Linden
Garry Linden
Keira Linden
Tommy Linden

Support Agents:
Corky Linden
Evie Linden
Ginger Linden
izzy Linden
Kristin Linden
Madori Linden
Sparky Linden
TJ Linden
Vix Linden
Vanessa Linden