The Relay Rockers is a Relay For Life team that works to raise awareness and fundraise for Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society in the virtual Second Life platform and the outside world.

As a Relay For Life team, the Relay Rockers relay for many reasons:

  • We Relay because the three cruelest words to hear are You Have Cancer.
  • We Relay to Give Hope to those who have heard those words;
  • We Relay because those words touch all of us;
  • We Relay to Celebrate our Survivors and Survivors everywhere;
  • We Relay to Remember those who no longer walk with us;
  • We Relay to Fight Back against cancer until the battle is won;
  • We Relay to Support the American Cancer Society and its programs;
  • We Will Relay until we can say:
    • We Have Won The Fight.
  • We Have Found the Way to Beat Cancer!


rocker captains