Update July 18

First off let me thank everyone for your enormous outpouring of support since I shared my news.  Your wishes and thoughts have made this a little easier to deal with.  I promise I won’t let you down.

I had my first consult yesterday and got the preliminary pathology report.  Its good and bad. Answered some questions and left more to be asked.

The tumor was malignant. “High Grade, non invasive tumor located at the entry of the left ureter.” The non-invasive is good, it means it was contained in my bladder. The high grade part worries me. According to cancer.org it means it is more likely to grow and spread and can be harder to treat.  More to come on that next week after my next appointment,

Early indications are that treatment will involve chemo and immunotherapies, and most likely will be on going for sometime. I am not going to make myself crazy by reading worst case scenarios and the like. Once I have more iinformation I will get those answers aas well.

So a week of waiting remains, recuperating from the stress of last week’s trauma and getting ready for the fight that appears to lie ahead.

I  promise to keep you all updated.

Thank you for all your support once again. I find it difficult to put into words just how much it means to me, knowing that an army of ACS volunteers not only have my back, but through your passionate fundraising have helped develop these therapies that I will now rely on.

Thank you All