Meet The Team – Journey Texan

Journey Texan

Hello, I am Journey Texan. As a resident of Second Life since 2009, I have been aware of and attended some of the many themed fairs and events that Relay For Life sponsors or participates in annually. It wasn’t until 2018, however, when my partner, Ertina Loopen, introduced me to the Bid-Me-Bald and the Relay Walk events. These were the very first Relay For Life events I participated in that made me feel I could contribute in a meaningful way—other than donating money—and fit well within my personal priorities and schedule. Of course, walking behind Ertina at Relay Walk was incentive enough to keep me moving forward for days around a massive, multi-sim circuit that supported a very important cause. All the messages I read and heard along the way during Relay Walk helped me to better understand and appreciate the purpose and significant impact that Relay For Life has in the lives of people both in and outside of the Second Life platform. In 2019 I joined Relay Rockers as a team member and am proud to work alongside a group of talented and selfless volunteers who enable Relay For Life to raise awareness about cancer research, treatment services and prevention.